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Talcum Powder Defense Team Change: Editorial

On February 23, 2017

After the news broke that Johnson & Johnson had changed counsel before opening statements in their most recent talcum powder lawsuit, many legal analysts called the move a sign that the company is eager to change the trend of high-profile wins for plaintiffs involved in this litigation. It should be noted, however, that this was not the first time that J&J have brought in a new law firm to argue these cases. After losing $55 million and $70 million jury awards, the company had previously called in another large law firm in an effort to sway juries into agreeing with their assessment that the scientific evidence was insufficient.

On the other side of the courtroom, there was also a change in counsel, as one of the lead attorneys had a medical emergency and was not available to give opening statements as the trial got underway. However, we have read that the plaintiff's attorney is in good health and will be resuming with the trial in the coming days. 

This may be important news for anyone who has a legal action pending against J&J, as it shows that the company is still trying to find an effective defense against the claims of an ovarian cancer connection. The fact remains that millions of people have used these products and juries thus far have been largely sympathetic to victims in these cases.

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