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Editorial: New Proton Pump Inhibitor Findings

On February 28, 2017

Several attorneys involved in litigation surrounding Nexium® and other proton pump inhibitor (PPI) medications have noted the findings in a recently published study on the drug's effect on kidney injury. Although the relationship between this class of medications and kidney problems has been well established, this recent study looked at the effects of medical intervention when renal injury is discovered in its earliest stages. Researchers found that patients who received treatment early on did not develop chronic forms of kidney disease at elevated rates as did those who did not receive early treatment. This is important for families involved in litigation because kidney injury thought to be caused by these medications do not always experience the early signs and symptoms of kidney injury.

Many legal analysts have pointed to these findings as more evidence that the makers of these drugs did not properly warn the public about the risk of potentially serious side effects associated with PPIs. The majority of the medications involved are available as over-the-counter drugs, and are widely used to treat heartburn and other ailments. Although they are designed for short-term use, many patients continue taking them because they are thought to be a safe remedy for common digestive problems. 

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