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Roundup® Litigation Moving Forward: Editorial

On March 27, 2017

With the recent news breaking that a federal judge has unsealed court documents that allege that Monsanto was not only aware of the dangers in their Roundup® weed killer product, but actively attempted to cover it up, lawsuits surrounding the chemical giant appear to be moving forward. Judge Vince Chhabria unsealed documents that show a senior Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official had tipped off Monsanto executives about a research report that had negative findings for the pesticide product's connection to cancer. Additionally, the documents showed that Monsanto had doctored some of the research and credited findings to scientists even though they had actually been written by the company's employees. 

While this new information does not prove that glyphosate, the chemical ingredient in question, actually causes non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, it certainly shows the lengths that Monsanto has been willing to go to conceal damaging information. As more farmers, landscape workers, and other professionals who work with Roundup regularly come forward with cancer diagnoses, legal experts from across the country expect more claims to be filed against Monsanto.

These new revelations may have far-reaching implications for the entire agrochemical business. This is not the first time that the findings from research that has been financed by large corporations have been called into question. Over the last several years, Monsanto and other chemical companies have been accused of manipulating research and misstating findings to the benefit of their products. 

If you have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and feel that exposure to Roundup may be to blame, the attorneys at Impact Law can help. Please contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation with an attorney near you.

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