Cerebral Palsy Life Expectancy

When a person has a disability such as cerebral palsy, it leads many to wonder if it will affect that person's longevity. Cerebral palsy life expectancy rates are hard to determine. People with the condition may be affected by numerous cerebral palsy complications that can affect their health and alter the course of their life. Let's examine cerebral palsy life expectancy issues more closely.

cerebral palsy life expectancy
Studies show that cerebral palsy complications are common in most people with the condition.

Life Expectancy for Those with Cerebral Palsy

The first thing that you need to understand when examining cerebral palsy and life expectancy rates is that there are no hard and fast statistics. The life expectancy for a person with cerebral palsy can range from 30 years of age to age 60 or 70. People with rigidity and severe spasticity are likely to have shorter life expectancy, while people with mild to moderate cerebral palsy complications are likely to live longer.

Cerebral Palsy Mobility and Life Expectancy

Studies show that cerebral palsy complications are common in most people with the condition. In fact, most have some degree of gross motor function loss with age. If the person or their caregiver proactively addresses these losses, it may increase the person's life expectancy. The fact is, the ability to walk is believed to increase the life expectancy for those with cerebral palsy. Although at some point most people with cerebral palsy will lose their ability to walk.

Once a person has lost their mobility, they can maintain their health in a number of ways. They need to take part in muscle strengthening exercises and pay close attention to nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle. There are many surgical treatments, therapies, and medicines that can be of use as well.

Considering the amount of variables that can effect the average cerebral palsy life expectancy rate, it would be frivolous to pin down an exact number. It is best to focus on present physical and mental health and simply plan for the long-term future.

Consult a Cerebral Palsy Attorney

To find out more about various treatments for cerebral palsy or assistive devices for cerebral palsy, you need to contact a specialist near you. If the cerebral palsy was the result of medical negligence, it is of the utmost importance that you speak with a cerebral palsy attorney for a legal consultation. You or your child could be eligible to receive financial compensation to help pay for treatment for this lifelong condition.

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