Drug and Alcohol Crimes

Drug and alcohol crimes are pursued very aggressively at state and federal levels. Many people consider personal drug use to be a "victimless crime" and are surprised to learn that penalties for possessing even a small amount of illegal drugs can be extremely harsh. Read on for information about drug crimes.

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Crimes involving drugs or alcohol can carry harsh punishments and exorbitant fines.


Driving while intoxicated or while under the influence of liquor or drugs is a serious offense. Charges can vary depending on whether you have prior DUI convictions or if a traffic accident occurred. If you have been charged with DUI, DUI lawyers may be able to assist you in obtaining a lighter sentence or getting the case dismissed.

Drug Cultivation

Drug cultivation is the growth of certain plants used to produce unlawful or illegal controlled substances. Charges vary with the quantity involved and whether intended for personal use or for wider distribution. Drug cultivation charges need immediate attention and qualified drug offense lawyers will fight for your rights.

Drug Distribution

Distribution charges include activities related to the sale, transport, or import of illegal drugs. State and federal penalties differ with the type and quantity of drug and whether minors were involved. If you are charged with distribution, you will need the services of a qualified drug offense lawyer.

Drug Importation

Severe penalties exist for bringing unlawful or illegal drugs into the United States from another country. If you are charged with drug importation, it is imperative that you seek qualified drug offense lawyers so you can find one who is experienced in defending drug importation cases.

Manufacturing of Drugs

State or federal government can prosecute for manufacturing drugs or possessing certain "precursor chemicals" associated with the manufacture of drugs. Recent crackdowns on drug crimes and harsh sentencing guidelines make drug manufacturing charges extremely serious. Anyone charged with drug manufacturing should retain a drug offense lawyer right away.

Drug Possession with Intent to Sell

Intent to sell charges can be brought even if no sale has taken place. Authorities will consider the quantity and packaging of the drugs and the location of the arrest when bringing charges. If charged with possession with intent to sell, you will need a qualified drug offense lawyer to represent you.

Drug Trafficking

Trafficking is a broad term encompassing manufacture, sale, delivery, or possession of certain drugs in large quantities. If prosecuted federally, trafficking charges can carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. If you are facing drug trafficking charges, you should involve drug offense lawyers as soon as possible.

Transportation of Drugs

If you have been charged with transportation of drugs, a strong and fast defense by a successfully experienced drug offense lawyer is your best chance to have charges dismissed or reduced, or to get the minimal punishment if you are convicted.

Find DUI and Drug Offense Lawyers

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