Additional Criminal Offenses

Anyone charged with a criminal offense should consider hiring criminal defense lawyers to represent his or her case in court.

Criminal offenses may carry steep penalties


The terms aiding and abetting are loosely defined as helping in the commission of a crime. This is true even if the accused person is not present at the time or location of the crime. Aiding and abetting charges differ in each state; contact criminal defense lawyers in your area for assistance.

Arms Trafficking

Arms trafficking or “gun-running” is the importation, transport, or distribution of contraband weapons or ammunition. Typically it falls under federal or international law, and the charges may be part of a larger case involving other defendants. If accused of arms trafficking, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away.


Burglary, also called breaking and entering, is a felony crime in most states. Burglary charges can be brought even if nothing is taken, or if evidence shows the accused had planned to commit another crime such as rape or arson. These are serious charges with stiff penalties, and should be handled by criminal defense lawyers.


Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to participate in unlawful criminal behavior. It is considered a more punishable offense than aiding or abetting because of the person’s intent to participate in the crime. Anyone facing conspiracy charges should retain a criminal defense attorney.

Hit and Run

Hit and run is when a driver leaves the scene of an accident (whether with another car, a pedestrian, or other property) without providing proper documentation. Penalties are greater if alcohol, injury, or death are factors. For protection of your rights in a hit and run case, contact qualified criminal defense lawyers.

Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of justice is a very broad charge that can include any act of interference with the administration of the law by the police, investigators, prosecutors, courts, and other legal entities. If you are charged with obstruction of justice, you should contact a criminal defense attorney right away.


It is a crime to deliberately make false statements while under oath. A federal perjury conviction can result in up to five years in prison. If you or a loved one are charged with perjury, you will need the assistance of skilled criminal defense lawyers to protect your rights and your freedom.


Stalking is a serious crime in which the subject repeatedly or continually harasses another person. Following, observing, contacting the person’s associates, and contacting the person directly or indirectly are examples of stalking behavior. Anyone accused of stalking should retain criminal defense lawyers experienced in stalking cases.

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