Qui Tam Glossary

Defective pricing - submitting false pricing and cost data to the government, which results in an inflated contract price.

False certification of entitlement of benefits - false certification of information for price supports or mortgage guarantees, etc.

False negotiation - see defective pricing

Federal False Claims Act - the Federal False Claims Act was originally enacted (in 1863) to fight defense contractor fraud, but it was also applicable to all federal programs and federal contractors.

Mischarging - false claim for products or services that were not delivered or rendered.

Product and service substitution - certifying a product that does not meet specifications or submitting one product to the government for approval, then substituting it with a product of inferior quality.

Qui Tam - a provision of the Federal False Claims Act that allows private citizens, also known as whistleblowers, to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the government against persons who use government funds in a fraudulent way.

Whistleblower - a person who informs the government of fraudulent action by a company or corporation that is working under contract with a government agency.

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