Fluoroquinolones Uses

The prescription drug class fluoroquinolones comes from a family of broad-spectrum antibiotics. These antibiotics work because they prevent bacteria from reproducing or multiplying. Fluoroquinolones are used to treat a variety of bacterial infections, and are sold under the brand names Levaquin, Cipro, Noroxin, Floxin, and Avelox.

Fluoroquinolone uses infographic

Early Uses of Fluoroquinolones

One of the first fluoroquinolones uses was in the treatment of malaria during World War II. Another of the original fluoroquinolones uses was the treatment of urinary tract infections. However, the drug has come a long way since those original uses and can be prescribed to treat a variety of infections.

Common Uses of Fluoroquinolones

There are many fluoroquinolones uses. In fact, it is one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics in the United States. Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are often used to treat respiratory infections like pneumonia, bronchitis, and even sinus infections and ear infections. However, it is also commonly prescribed for infections of the skin and stomach.

Additional Uses of Fluoroquinolones

Although the most common, these are not the only fluoroquinolones uses. There are many other fluoroquinolones uses. For instance, the drug is often prescribed to patients after they undergo a surgical procedure to prevent post-surgical infection. In addition to this, fluoroquinolones are also prescribed in the treatment of certain sexually transmitted diseases.

Methods of Delivery

If you are prescribed fluoroquinolones or another drug in its family, most likely it will be administered orally. However, hospitals often administer fluoroquinolones intravenously when they are treating a serious bacterial infection. What's more, some drugs in this family of antibiotics come in a nasal spray dosing. If fluoroquinolones or another similar drug is prescribed orally the dosage and duration of treatment depend largely on the condition that is being treated. In some cases just one dose of fluoroquinolones is needed to treat a bacterial infection. Other infections may require a standard 10-day course of treatment with fluoroquinolones.

Consult a Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been harmed by the use of fluoroquinolones, you should contact a fluoroquinolones attorney to find out whether you are eligible for compensation for your injuries or hardship.

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