RhoGAM® Glossary


Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is normally diagnosed in children who, for extended periods of time (six months or more), have exhibited an inability to concentrate, and/or calm their bodies.


A protein, carbohydrate, or toxin that stimulates an immune response (the production of antibodies) when introduced to the body.


The working agent in Rh o(D) immune globulin. Anti-D inhibits an Rh negative person from reacting to the antigenic protein in Rh-positive blood.


Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Still under research, this condition keeps a person from accurately interpreting sensation. Individuals will either feel bombarded by stimulus, or mute to it. Sensory integration therapy, which involves balancing, climbing and other sensory activities, has been used to exercise and stabilize the sensory processing of DSI patients.


An organic compound containing mercury. The effects of ethylmercury are still being gathered and studied. Because mercury is a known neurotoxin in high dosages, safe exposure levels to all mercury compounds are being established. Ethylmercury is used in the preservative thimerosal.

Hemolytic Disease

A condition in which a fetus's red blood cells are attacked because of Rh incompatibility between the fetus and the mother. When untreated, hemolytic disease can result in stillbirth, anemia, and mental retardation.


A poisonous substance, normally a protein, which attacks the nervous system, destroying nerve tissue.

Rh Factor

A protein found on the red blood cells of many people. The protein is named for the Rhesus monkey, as it was first discovered on their red blood cells. The Rh positive blood type contains the protein; the Rh negative blood type does not.

Rh o(D) Immune Globulin

A treatment made from human blood plasma containing anti-D. The treatment acts to keep an Rh negative mother from reacting against the Rh positive blood of her fetus. Rh o(D) immune globulin is a preventive treatment and can nearly eliminate the risk of hemolytic disease to a fetus.

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