Baxter Dialysis Filters

Dialysis filters are used to filter the blood of patients undergoing hemodialysis. When a dialysis filter works correctly, it filters the blood of the dialysis patient, effectively taking over the function that the patient’s kidneys can no longer perform. However, when the dialysis filter does not work correctly, it can cost the patient his or her life. Product liability law is designed to protect those injured or killed as a result of defective products.

Baxter dialysis filter litigation

Baxter Dialysis Filter Recall

In August 2001, authorities in Spain reported that ten patients had died while or shortly after undergoing dialysis using a Baxter dialysis filter. In October 2001, 21 dialysis patients died in Croatia over the span of one week. As a result of these two incidents, Baxter International, Inc., the manufacturer of the dialysis filters (also known as dialyzers), issued a recall of its A, AF, and AX series dialysis filters.

An FDA investigation into the dialysis filters revealed that a chemical used in the manufacturing process did not evaporate from the filters and found its way into the bloodstream of the patients, where it subsequently inhibited blood flow.

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