Child Visitation Rights

Child visitation rights refer to the rights of a parent who does not have physical custody of their children to visit them at specified times. There are three main types of visitation: reasonable visitation, fixed visitation, and supervised visitation.

Reasonable Visitation

Reasonable visitation refers to a court order that grants visitation at reasonable times and places. In this instance, the times and places are left to the parents to determine. However, because the parent with physical custody is not legally obligated to agree to a schedule, this arrangement usually gives them more control over visitation rights, such as the times, places, and duration of visits.

Fixed Visitation

Fixed visitation refers to a court order that specifically orders the times, duration, and places of visitation. This arrangement works best for parents who are extremely hostile toward each other.

Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation is usually granted in cases where the parent without custody has a history of violence toward the child or their former spouse. In this instance, an adult supervisor must be present during each visitation.

If you are going through a divorce and would like to learn more about child custody and visitation, you may want to contact a child custody lawyer or divorce lawyer for more information.

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