Notable Burn Injury Settlements and Verdicts

Victims who suffer burn injuries due to another party’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing can pursue compensation from those responsible. While there are several factors involved in awarding burn injury damages, a talented lawyer can maximize your chances of obtaining a favorable settlement. The following case examples are those in which notable burn injury settlements and verdicts were awarded.

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Burn Injury Settlements – Product Liability

$41.5 million burn injury settlement (May 2007) – A 19-year-old man filed charges against the manufacturer of the clothing he was wearing in a dirt bike accident that left him with extensive burn injuries. The victim claimed that the clothing was not fire retardant. He was awarded $41.5 million.

$960,000 burn injury settlement (September 2007) – An 88-year-old man brought a personal injury claim against his housing corporation after he was badly scalded in the shower. The water was found to be 60 degrees hotter than it should have been. The victim received $960,000 in damages.

Burn Injury Settlements – Negligence

$310,000 burn injury settlement (August 2006) – A woman pressed charges against Starbucks® Corporation when she was scalded by a cup of the company’s coffee that fell on her foot. She was awarded $310,000 in damages.

$31.5 million burn injury settlement (June 2007) – A man filed charges against AAA after an accident involving a tow truck commissioned by AAA. The tow truck crashed into his vehicle, which burst into flames and left him with third-degree burns on 58 percent of his body. The man was awarded $31.25 million in damages.

Burn Injury Settlements – Workplace Accidents

$900,000 burn injury settlement (November 2007) – A man filed a personal injury lawsuit against his employer, a paint factory, after being severely burned in a factory explosion. The explosion occurred while the man was using a device, later found to be defective, to mix paint. He was awarded $900,000 in damages.

$27.26 million burn injury settlement (December 2007) – A man filed burn injury charges after being badly burned in an on-the-job factory accident. The victim was standing near the dysfunctional piece of machinery when molten material spewed out, burning over 65 percent of his body. He was awarded $27.26 million in damages, plus $250,000 to his wife for loss of companionship.

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