Well-Known Premises Liability Settlements

If you have been injured in a premises liability accident, such as a slip-and-fall accident or workplace accident, you may be able to obtain compensation for your medical bills, as well as pain and suffering. The cases below are just a few examples of well-known premises liability settlements.

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Premises liability claims often result in settlements that cover current and future medical expenses.

$2.5 Million Workplace Injury Settlement

(March 2008) Refugio Martinez brought a personal injury negligence lawsuit against several industrial corporations after being severely burned on the job. In 2002, while Martinez was repairing a leaking fuel line at one of the defendants’ facilities, fuel leaked onto his pants. His pants later became ignited, severely burning his lower body. Martinez sued the defendants for failing to maintain a safe work environment and provide protective gear. He obtained a $2.5 million settlement to cover medical expenses and provide support for his family.

$6 Million On-the-Job Injury Settlement

(December 2007) A New York City employee brought a lawsuit against the city after sustaining a permanent disability from falling down stairs at a subway station. His fall was the result of slipping on pigeon droppings on the stairs, which he alleged the city had known about for years but had not eliminated. The jury awarded the man a $6 million settlement.

$2 Million Slip-and-Fall Injury Settlement

(February 2007) Michael Bowman brought a lawsuit against Super Eight Motel after a slip-and-fall accident outside one of the Corporation’s Connecticut motels. In 2002, Bowman fell on ice outside the motel, breaking his ankle in three places. He alleged that the motel’s owner and manager had known of the icing problem for four years but had never taken action to remedy the problem or warn pedestrians of the hazard. Bowman obtained nearly $2 million in restitution.

$130,000 Slip-and-Fall Injury Settlement

(January 2008) Margaret Stewart filed personal injury charges against the city of Lodi, California, after a slip-and-fall accident on a public sidewalk in Lodi. During a 2007 interview with a newspaper reporter, Stewart tripped on a raised sidewalk and fell. She broke her foot, leg, and elbow and was hospitalized for 39 days. Stewart obtained a $130,000 settlement from the city.

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