Defective Air Bags Litigation

Since 1994, all vehicles sold in the United States have been required to be equipped with air bags. The purpose of the air bag is to offer protection against the trauma that occurs when the body is whipped forward during a collision, thereby lessening the chances of serious brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. In many accidents, air bags have done their job extremely well, saving lives and minimizing injury. However, a small percentage of air bags have proven to be defective, leading to catastrophic injuries or deaths that might have been avoided if they had functioned properly.

Defective air bags infographic

Types of Air Bag Defects

There are three primary ways that an airbag can malfunction and cause injury. They can:

  • Fail to deploy at the point of impact during an accident, often due to improper installation
  • Deploy without sufficient cause, either due to a small impact (such as with a bump in the road or rough surface) or no apparent impact whatsoever
  • Release toxic chemicals on deployment due to improper filtration of the gas inside the air bag, often resulting in burns to the face and neck

It should be noted that an air bag is not a soft cushion; colliding with an air bag can be a painful experience. When an air bag deploys properly, this pain is probably far preferable to whatever alternative would have occurred without the air bag. When an air bag deploys at a seemingly random time, however, it can cause serious injury or distract a driver and lead to an accident. Of course, when it fails to deploy when needed or burns the occupants of a vehicle, the consequences can be excruciating and even deadly.

Defective Air Bags and Product Liability Law

It is the responsibility of automobile manufacturers to ensure that their air bags are free from flaws that would render them harmful or ineffective at any point during the operation of a vehicle. When manufacturers fail to fulfill this responsibility, and catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death ensues, they can be held responsible for damages under product liability law.

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If you or a member of your family has been harmed due to a defective air bag, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced attorney to review your case and advise you of your rights and legal options. We invite you to search the ImpactLaw directory locate a defective air bag and product liability attorney in your community today.

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