Yamaha Rhino Rollover Accidents

Yamaha Rhino rollover accidents are more common than other similarly styled ATVs. The problem is that many believe that Yamaha Rhino rollover percentage is higher than that of other all-terrain vehicles. Is the Yamaha Rhino more likely to rollover than other ATVs? Does Yamaha know there is a problem with the Rhino?

Yamaha Rhino rollover litigation infographic

Safety Problems with the Yamaha Rhino

Problems with the Yamaha Rhino, and with rollover accidents in particular, are not new. Since the Rhino debuted in 2003, the company has been inundated with problems and complaints regarding safety issues. In fact, many believe that the Yamaha Rhino accident rate is much higher than that of other ATVs.

Yamaha Rhino Design Flaws and Rollover Accidents

The reason why the Yamaha Rhino rollover rate is higher than other vehicles is because of its design. The Rhino has a high center of gravity, the wheel base of the Rhino is very narrow, and it has a powerful engine. Experts believe these design flaws play a causal factor in rollover accidents. The Rhino has even been known to rollover on a flat surface at slow speeds.

Injuries and Deaths Due to Yamaha Rhino Rollover Accidents

Sadly, Yamaha Rhino rollover accidents have caused at least 59 deaths even though Yamaha has only sold 150,000 units. That said, the company maintains that the Yamaha Rhino accidents are caused by user errors and lack of proper safety precautions, not a design flaw. However, the company has suspended sales of the Yamaha Rhino and is offering free safety modifications to Rhinos that have already been sold.

Although Yamaha denies any culpability for the Yamaha Rhino accidents, the company is currently in litigation with consumers. Documents show that initial tests of the Rhino resulted in injury to the executives who tested the vehicle; however, the company says the vehicles are safe.

Consult a Lawyer

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a Yamaha Rhino rollover accident, it is important to contact a product liability lawyer about the details of your case. A defective products lawyer will have the experience necessary to obtain just compensation on your behalf.

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