Construction Accidents

The term "construction accidents" comprises any accident involving a construction worker or bystander that occurs on a construction site.

Workers on a construction site
Even when following all safety precautions, construction sites can be very dangerous.

Types of Construction Accidents

There are a few types of construction accidents that can occur on a construction site:

Construction Accident Causes

Construction accidents can occur due to a variety of factors:

  • Defective equipment
  • Unsafe ladders: ladders that are too short or that are not opened all the way can contribute to construction accidents
  • Holes in flooring: contribute to falls
  • Improperly assembled scaffolding: contributes to falls
  • Construction debris: such as tools and materials being left in workflow areas

Construction Accident Claims

If the victim of a construction accident is a bystander, he or she can file a personal injury claim. If the victim is a construction worker, he or she will usually have to file a workers’ compensation claim. The exception to this is when there are multiple contractors on a construction site and a worker is injured due to negligence on the part of another contractor. In this instance, the injured worker may be able file a personal injury claim against the contractor.

Consult a Construction Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been harmed in a construction accident, you may want to contact a construction accident attorney for more information.

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