Yamaha Rhino Accident FAQ

What causes Rhino rollover accidents?

Each accident is unique and can have more than one cause, but many victims feel that the Yamaha Rhino suffers from serious design defects that make it unstable. They say that it is too tall and too narrow, making it top-heavy and prone to easy rollover.

Yamaha Rhino rollover litigation FAQ infographic

Will I be safe if I drive a Rhino slowly?

Not necessarily. While cautious driving is always recommended, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that several Rhino rollover accidents have occurred at relatively low speeds on level ground. An expert witness for the plaintiffs in one recent lawsuit testified that his company's test showed the Rhino can roll over at 11.5 mph.

What injuries are common in Rhino rollovers?

Broken bones are common in Rhino rollovers. Since the vehicle was introduced in 2003, broken legs, ankles, and feet have been most common, since the vehicle's original design allowed these parts to swing out during rollovers. Other injuries have included broken arms, hands, and collarbones, as well as internal injuries.

Have there been fatal accidents?

According to the CPSC, nearly 60 people have died in Rhino rollover accidents.

How has Yamaha responded to Rhino rollover accidents?

Yamaha has not ordered a recall to deal with the stability of the Rhino. The company has initiated two free programs to modify the design. In one, owners of older vehicles can have half-doors and additional passenger handholds, both standard features in new production. In the other, the rear wheelbase can be widened, by adding two-inch spacers to each wheel, and an anti-sway bar removed.

What is Yamaha's liability in Rhino rollover accidents?

Yamaha recently won its first Rhino rollover lawsuit, but the plaintiffs' attorneys have vowed to fight on, saying they proved that the Rhino has design defects. Since each case is unique, Yamaha could still be found liable for some injuries. Consult a defective products attorney if you have a case.

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