Chinese Drywall Lawsuits

There has been a lot of talk about Chinese drywall lawsuits centered around the product causing health problems and destroying homes. This has led many people to panic about the safety and integrity of their own homes. What is Chinese drywall? The simple answer is it is drywall from China that can make you sick, emits a foul smell, and it corrodes surrounding metal and copper. However, the situation is actually far more complex than that simple answer.

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About Chinese Drywall

First and foremost, it is important to note that not all drywall from China is bad. In fact, only a nominal amount of Chinese drywall is a problem. What's more is that even drywall manufacturers from the United States are sometimes made partially or entirely in China. In short, you cannot determine whether or not you have a problem simply by determining the origin of your drywall alone. You may need to speak with an experienced attorney or contractor to determine if your drywall may be affected.

The Risks and Dangers of Bad Chinese Drywall

During the housing boom of the early and mid-2000s, hundreds of millions of pounds of Chinese drywall was ordered so builders had enough materials for new home construction. Unfortunately, it has been found that some amount of that product is defective. Tests on Chinese drywall samples showed that some of the product was contaminated with higher levels of sulfuric and organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, and carbon disulfide than the levels found in American drywall. These compounds can be toxic and flammable. Traces of strontium sulfide were also found in Chinese drywall. Strontium sulfide is a gray powder that emits a hydrogen sulfide, or "rotten eggs," odor when exposed to moist air.

Possible Health Risks Associated with Chinese Drywall

Experts believe that prolonged exposure to tainted drywall from China may pose a significant health risk. Some believe it can cause breathing problems, chest pains, and even death. Others speculate that exposure may delay bone growth in children. Additionally, chronic exposure may affect the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, eyes, liver, kidneys, and skin. It is possible that certain groups such as the elderly and young children may be at an increased risk for adverse effects associated with defective Chinese drywall.

House Damage Due to Chinese Drywall

Despite the warnings of many in the scientific community, the Department of Health believes that Chinese drywall is safe. That said, they have not addressed the fact that the off-gas from the drywall from China is damaging homes. This has led many homeowners with Chinese drywall to remediate and rid their home of the problem, leading to high renovation costs.

Consult a Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been harmed or has experienced property damage as a result of tainted Chinese drywall, it is important to contact a product liability attorney near you to speak about the details of your case. 

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