Chinese Drywall Health Problems

If it's less than ten years old, your home may be hazardous to your health. People from many parts of the country are experiencing Chinese drywall health problems that may be associated with the materials used in recent new home construction.

Health problems related to Chinese drywall

Public and private health care professionals have received reports of problems that include respiratory symptoms, such as asthma attacks, congestion, coughing, shortness of breath, sinus problems, sneezing, sore throat, tightness of the chest, and trouble breathing.

Other symptoms reported include dizziness, ear infections, eye irritation, fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, headaches, joint and muscle pain, nausea, nosebleeds, rashes, runny nose, and urinary tract infections.

Signs of Chinese Drywall

The first hint of possible trouble is the odor of rotten eggs in homes built with Chinese drywall. This smell is usually associated with sulfur dioxide fumes. Homes that contain defective drywall also usually have corrosion damage to air conditioner components, electrical wiring, copper plumbing, and metal jewelry.

Chinese drywall is made with fly ash, extracted from the exhaust of coal-burning power plants. Fly ash can contain concentrations of many of the potentially harmful elements and compounds found in coal. Besides sulfur and other gas-producing elements, heavy metals that can have long-term health effects may be present.

Consult a Defective Products Attorney

If you or a loved one is experiencing unexplained health problems and live in a home that may contain Chinese drywall, contact an attorney experienced in defective product liability and environmental contamination cases, to learn about your options. Besides legal expertise, an experienced attorney can enlist the aid of experts in these areas who can help document the issues in your case.

Since there are still open questions about both the immediate and the long-term consequences of exposure to Chinese drywall, you may need financial compensation to deal with your health issues now and in the future.

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