Rhino Rollover Accidents and Children

Children are especially vulnerable to serious injuries while riding in Yamaha Rhino utility terrain vehicles (UTV), according to lawsuits filed by accident victims. Allegedly inadequate passenger restraints receive much of the blame.

Yamaha Rhino vehicles are dangerous for children

The Rhino has several safety defects, according to complainants. They say it is too high and too narrow, resulting in top-heaviness that leads to rollovers. They also say it was originally designed with no protection for occupants' legs and feet, leading to a preponderance of injury to those parts of the body, with some requiring amputations.

Seatbelts Called Inadequate

Of particular concern to parents is the criticism of the Rhino's seatbelts. Several children have been crushed to death in Yamaha Rhino rollover accidents and many more seriously injured. At least one suit specifically faults the seatbelts. While some adults have claimed injury due to inadequate restraint, the suit says children are especially likely to slip out of the belts and be ejected.

Attorneys for Rhino rollover victims claim that the UTV's seatbelt design does not meet the standards imposed on passenger cars. They say it does not provide proper restraint in the pelvic area, meaning that a child, or even a small adult, can slip out from under the belt in a rollover situation.

High Risk at Low Speed Alleged

Yamaha says that 99 percent of Rhinos have never been involved in an accident, but attorneys for the company say that rollovers have occurred on flat surfaces at low speeds. The implication is that children can be at high risk even when the UTV is being operated in a reasonably safe manner.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a Rhino rollover accident, you need the representation of an experienced defective product personal injury attorney. It's the best way to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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